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Father Stu (2022)

2022   ( 15 Apr 2022 )
Biography / Drama / 
South KoreaUnited States English / 124 mins
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Follows the life of Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest who inspired countless people during his journey from self-destruction to redemption.

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Director :
Rosalind Ross

Writer :

Rosalind Ross

Actors :
Mark Wahlberg | Mel Gibson | Jacki Weaver | Teresa Ruiz

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Best Review:

I get asked a lot. Especially foreign journalists. Do I suffer a lot? Does despair come to me about the irrevocably lost happiness of seeing and moving? It comes sometimes. But still, comrades, life is multifaceted. And I am deeply happy that my personal tragedy has been overshadowed by the unique joy of creativity. That I, back in the ranks. And I continue to fight with you…

“How Steel Was Tempered”, 1973, directed by N. Mashchenko

Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg? What a union! What a pomp! These two good fellows are capable of putting on such a play that the Moscow Art Theatre and even Lenkom would burst into tears. Or burst into applause. They have such a string of roles behind them that one wonders if it is still them, the same Mel Gibson and Mark Walbert before us. Not their countless projections of images, masks, characters, roles … but also of eras, countries, continents? Long ago, the personalities faded, faded away. And how do they manage to live after so many reincarnations. Who are they now? So who are…

Mark Wahlberg is Stu the boxer who’s retired due to age. Mel Gibson is his biological daddy, living separately in a trailer. Alcoholic, almost. The first is looking for something to do outside the ring – he’s retired for his health, his years. The second one spends his days at his own pleasure, carelessly drinking quietly. Fate has marked for the first one the way to priests (here is a hymn – “the Lord works in mysterious ways”). For the second, the Supreme Person gave up years ago – live as you like, whatever happens…

What is ‘Father Stu’ in its content? Crying to you and me? Laughs and smiles? Indeed, whether a comedy in front of the audience, or a drama. A little of this, a little of that. Two in one. So it’s both at the same time. Most of the timing is in moderation of the funniness of the two men’s gestures. ‘Ending’ is the director’s intention to squeeze out a tear from the audience gathered at the screen. No surprise there, Rosalind Ross is a lady director. She banks. She shuffles the deck. In her own way, in a woman’s way, she polishes a man’s riot. And she subdues, and she ennobles.

A man imbued with an ‘idea’ as the guiding thought in this film. He used to ‘beat his opponents to death’, to the point of blood, without mercy. All for the sake of victory. A boon? Oh, yes! But that was yesterday. Now it’s different. Saving souls, mentoring! What a zigzag. So? A blessing? Again? Oh, yes! And not a bit of black comedy. It’s serious.

Well, what’s not fun? Isn’t it ‘hilarious’? Anyway… God works in mysterious ways. Meanwhile box office receipts in the USA are puffing up at the box office. So it must be topical. So it’s fresh. So it hit a nerve. Silly, of course, but for the average man – sweet. But for me – it’s ‘cheap chowder’ this ‘Father Stu’. Bullshit, ‘sissy mare’.

The ending, involuntarily draws parallels. To who? Our guy. Our Pasha Korchagin. They both ended up almost the same way. But how differently they lived…

Pasha Korchagin was a real fighter… He fought for the Revolution, for the Idea of Light, for the Happiness of All – even in a snowstorm and in the cold autumn slush of the spring thaw. We must, we must, we must! There is no other way! No way at all! In leaky boots? In an overcoat thrown over his overcoat? Hungry, half-starved? Not giving a damn about the cold? Crossing yourself out? By crossing yourself out? Of course. What’s in it for him? What’s it to him? He’s been on horseback in a saber-run attack. He flew at machine guns with a lava of sorvy-heads. Skinny, cheekbones, no fat in his body. Against World Capital! Against Contra! General prosperity warmed the thought, filling life with meaning…

And now? And here? And now? Is it all the same? Only in American America the ‘weirdness’? But how can it be? How is it possible? Capital and America are inseparable! What are you, what are you? Stu (Mark Wahlberg) doesn’t make any attempt on capital… A different path is chosen. A different star to guide the way. A different path for the good of the ‘flock’. Yeah, that’s not Pasha Korchagin…

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