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Fighting Fish (2010)

2010   ( 20 Apr 2010 )
Drama / 
USA English / 84 mins
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Putting his dreams of traveling on hold, 21-year-old David still lives at home. Working at the local pet shop, he takes care of his little brother and sister while his mother recuperates from a bout of depression in a mental hospital. When David’s sister Alice returns home after a long absence, domestic tensions grow, and David and Alice’s complicated past comes back to haunt them. As David falls in love with the new girl in town, Alice is driven to desperate measures to keep her world intact.

20 Apr 2010 Drama /

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Director :
Annette Apitz

Writer :

Annette Apitz

Actors :
Val Emmich| Anna Moore| Halley Feiffer| Haviland Morris|

Fighting Fish screenshot YIFY MoviesFighting Fish screenshot YIFY MoviesFighting Fish screenshot YIFY Movies

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