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I Am DB Cooper (2022)

2022   ( 9 Dec 2022 )
Crime / 
United States English / 100 mins
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Tells the story of hijacker DB Cooper, who remains one of the great PNW mysteries.

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Director :
T.J. Regan

Writer :

T.J. Regan

Actors :
Rainee Blake | Chris Bruno | Trevor Butcher | Joshua Chessin-Yudin

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Best Review:

A fascinating look into one of the many people who have claimed to be DB Cooper. A mix of interviews and recreations focus not on facts, but rather what Rodney Bonnifield knows as “his story.”

Rodney might be DB Cooper, or a liar, or a kook. The filmmakers leave it to us to decide. The title, after all, is “I Am DB Cooper,” not “He is DB Cooper.”

The recreations are not based on established elements of the case but instead on Bonnifield’s storytelling. He is what is called in fiction “an unreliable narrator” – a narrator who is not stating facts of the story, but rather telling their version which may not be objectively true.

I do not believe Rodney was DB Cooper. But I was left wondering if maybe Rodney believes he was.

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