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Interceptor (2022)

  • Release: 2022   [3 Jun 2022]
  • Genre:  ✯ Action ✯ Adventure ✯ Drama
  • Language: English
  • Country: Australia, United States
  • Runtime: 99 mins
  • Rating: 5 101671
  • Quality:  ✯ 1080P WebRip ✯ 720P WebRip
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The tough and reality-bruised Captain JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky) finds herself in charge of a lone nuclear missile interceptor base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after she is wrongfully drummed out of her dream job at the Pentagon. When a simultaneous coordinated attack then threatens the base itself, Collins comes face-to-face with the charismatic yet crooked Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey), a former US military intelligence officer intent on carrying out an unthinkable plan. With only minutes on the clock, Collins must utilize her years of tactical training and military expertise to determine who she can trust and stop Kessel and his covert mercenaries from completing their twisted and terrible mission.

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Quality: Very Good   Size: Small
Director :
Matthew Reilly

Writer :

Matthew Reilly,

Actors :
Elsa Pataky | Luke Bracey | Aaron Glenane | Mayen Mehta

Interceptor (2022) screenshot YIFY MoviesInterceptor (2022) screenshot YIFY MoviesInterceptor (2022) screenshot YIFY Movies

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Best Review:

I personally really liked the action movie ‘The Interception’. Although it is full of clichés from various action movies of the past years. One girl fights against all the terrorists and 16! She shows just wonders of strength, dedication and professional skills. Although the main negative hero is American, the nuclear missiles are still Russian. The action takes place on – a plane, a train, a ship – you guessed it, but also in a similar place – a closed military base. Madam President personally directs the events. And personally interacts with the main character. As is now fashionable, a Hindu American citizen and a Spanish American citizen – national minorities – are at the center of events.

Now for the positives: the role of the main character is played by Elsa Pataki, the 45-year-old wife of Thor Chris Hemsford. She is indeed good: beautiful, pumped up and wonderfully acted. Very high quality special effects, frightening music and modern gadgets to help the positive characters. One is imbued with the moment and patriotism of the positive characters and horrified by the cruelty of the negative psychopaths. The main bad guy is also handsome Luke Bracy. I watched it with rapture and even regretted a little that I am not an American myself. Advised to watch for fans of classic action movies, special effects and a fat unwashed Chris Hemsford, he’s an executive producer and comical TV salesman. After the credits, there’s another little surprise, I won’t tell you what it is.

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