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Manifest Evil (2022)

2022   ( 15 Mar 2022 )
Horror / 
United States N/A / 0 mins
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Since childhood, Matthew kept a dark secret-he was possessed by a demon. Now grown and serving in the United States Marine Corps, he’s learned to tame the demon through self-mutilation. That cure soon ends as two recruits, who are members of the occult, cast a spell on Matthew to manifest his worst fears. His mother is the puppeteer behind it all. Before his eyes, Matthew starts to lose his family, vocation, his relationship with his mother worsens, and the demon begins to overcome him. Nearly hopeless, Matthew turns to the occult to exorcise the demon and regain the parts of his life that were slipping away. His attempt fails, and he spirals into a complete demon possession, not before, however, he goes on a killing spree. —Anonymous

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Director :
Jena Serbu

Writer :

Leon M. Brown

Actors :
Leon M. Brown| Ambre Anderson| Sheila Mears|

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