Out of Exile (2023) YIFY Torrent

Out of Exile (2023)

2023   ( 9 Mar 2023 )
Crime / Drama / Thriller / 
United States English / 107 mins
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Director :
Kyle Kauwika Harris

Writer :

Kyle Kauwika Harris

Actors :
Peter Greene | Ryan Merriman | Hayley McFarland | Jake Roberts

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Best Review:

I rented this on release. Overall the film is trite. I found myself losing interest several times because it tended to drag in spots. I feel it could have been cut down shorter. The Protagonist Gabriel comes across as an aloof delivering an incredibly underwhelming performance. This could be perhaps the Actor seemingly more befitting as a Character Actor than a leading man. The brother Wes was a hot headed Veteran with ptsd. As a Veteran myself this was ridiculous. Stereotypes surrounding mental illness such as ptsd and the way this was portrayed was one dimensional and stereotypical of the “Dangerous” unhinged Veteran. The Character lacked depth and I found myself watching an Actor attempting to act mental illness and pop pills. His physicality came across more like someone on Cocaine then living with the challenges of ptsd. I didn’t believe it. The Antagonist played by Peter Greene as Whitman Rader kept this film afloat. His Character came across gritty and believable. I found myself wanting to see him more as his Character was interesting. Had it not been for him I would have turned it off. Overall the film is nothing new. The plot, the heist story we’ve been fed many times before. However, if you are going to give it to me make it worth my investment of $6.99. If you’re bored and can find nothing else to watch then add this to your list of disposable forgettable content being put out. Out of Exile gets 1 Star. I debated giving it 2, but just couldn’t get over the stupid unbelievable Character Wes.

117, за 0.384 в 29 Mar 2023 - 23:27