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Remember Me, Mommy? (2020)

2020   ( 29 Mar 2020 )
Canada English / 87 mins
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Rebecca, a respected teacher at a private girls’ school, has her life turned upside down when a new scholarship student arrives who might be the daughter she gave up for adoption 17 years ago.

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Director :
Michelle Ouellet

Writer :

Adam Rockoff, Zachary Valenti

Actors :
Natalie Brown | Sydney Ozerov-Meyer | Amalia Williamson | Taveeta Szymanowicz

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Warning: Spoilers

Elena Jones is a new student at the prestigious Clark Academy. She becomes immediately attached to Rebecca Barton, the teacher of creative writing who admires young Elena’s work. But almost instantly, it is clear that Elena is not fitting in with the school. As her roommate, Grace Walker, observes, Elena is not “right.” The school’s motto of “Honesty! Truth! Integrity!” will be severely tested with the challenges of a new sociopath in the classroom.

The film’s title, “Remember Me, Mommy?”, is a giveaway for the main action. Quickly, the film turns into a by-the-numbers suspense film about a child given up at birth, spending years in foster homes, and finally coming back for revenge directed at the poor mother who gave her up for adoption. The main problem is that there is little suspense.

The strength of the film was in the good character developments, including the kind teacher Rebecca, the shape-shifting Elena, the perceptive roommate Grace Walker, and the school bully and hazer, Janie Wade. Janie’s character was especially interesting due to her major transformation that gradually appeared.

This was not a great film, but it was well-photographed with footage from a school that looked preppy. There was also a very sensitive performance on the part of the teacher and long-lost mother, Rebecca Barton, who genuinely cared about a young woman haunted by ghosts and demons.

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