Small Town Wisconsin (2022) YIFY Torrent

Small Town Wisconsin (2022)

2022   ( 10 Jun 2022 )
Comedy / Drama / 
United States English / 109 mins
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A father tries hard to be a good dad but alcoholism is the huge deterrant.

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Director :
Niels Mueller

Writer :

Jason Naczek

Actors :
David Sullivan | Bill Heck | Kristen Johnston | Cooper J. Friedman

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Best Review:

I was hoping for more with this movie but found it to be unbearably depressing. The piano score throughout was terrible, always pensive as if someone was in the last of their days on earth.

Spoiler: No one dies of cancer. All you really have is a drunk who is resigned to his addictive dead-end life, and the pity he inflicts onto all around him, including his kid, best friend, ex-wife, sister, hotel receptionist, and just about everyone he comes into contact with.

This is not to say that the movie had any issues with the writing or acting- Wayne is surrounded by friends that truly seem to care about him, a decent guy trying to do the best with what he has. All the actors do a great job with their characters- in fact, that might be part of the problem. They are so believable as to make the whole movie even more painful. I would happily watch anything else with this same cast.

Ugh- regret paying for this movie, regret watching this movie- next time I want to be this depressed, I’ll watch ‘The Days of Wine and Roses” again- at least that movie was scored beautifully.

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