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The Princess (2022)

2022   ( 1 Jul 2022 )
Action / Drama / Fantasy / 
United States English / 94 mins
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When a strong-willed princess refuses to wed the cruel sociopath, she is kidnapped and locked in a remote tower of her father’s castle. With her vindictive suitor intent on taking her father’s throne, the princess must save the kingdom.

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Director :
Le-Van Kiet

Writer :

Ben Lustig, Jake Thornton

Actors :
Joey King | Olga Kurylenko | Antoni Davidov | Radoslav Parvanov

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Best Review:

A titled princess leaves her fiancé, the son of a ruthless royal diplomat. This forces him to seize the castle.

Everything else: Le-Van Kiet’s film is rich in the martial arts of oriental martial arts, which are taught to the main person in the course of the plot. The action is not insignificant. It pours out, along with a desperate desire of the main character to break free, she runs into tricky situations, gives the ‘balls’ to all kinds of men (both weak and strong), smoothly flowing into the humor. And the humor prevails with funny situations with a huge statue (which turned out not to be a statue) of a knight or a budding bumpkin suffering from incontinence (and seemingly weak hearing). It felt like the writers had rewatched ‘Shrek’. One said to the other, ‘I’m tired of watching even when a male giant saves the princess. “Ah, why doesn’t she save herself? – replies the other. They looked at each other and decided to stop at that idea. True, the heroine in the face Joey makes men in the film (against which even Dominic Cooper looks weak, but he has charisma) lowly, dirty barbarians (well, it is clear, the Middle Ages!), but at the same time not a gram of manliness, honor. Unless you count the main character’s father (Stoppard’s character seems like a perfect swagger in the Middle Ages). Okay, they decided for greater effect to pass off Asians as ‘keepers of the royal couple’ (Christopher Kamiyasu and Veronica Ngo). Only the idea of training a young princess seems delusional. Again I remember Fiona – no one trained her, it is unknown where she got such high combat skills. Or beyond the walls of the tower. Yeah, more likely. Having mocked a bunch of stereotypes, the writer friends decided to frame the male population by giving off ‘reverse sexism’. That’s already the bad side of the coin. Since it’s only a movie – you still want to say ‘pity the men’. The antagonist who wanted to get married and enter into a marriage of convenience (you have the goods – we have the merchant) would still be bad, despite the spoiled marriage. The main character is an interesting person, went against tradition and became strong and independent. Not surprising in the age of feminism. The small-hearted image of the girl-at-heart’ will appeal to a young and female audience for whom it no longer matters who rescues them from the castle? What if a real giant came, only without the ‘Dreamworks’ good-naturedness. And not green. What are we supposed to do, stay until Farquaad (Cooper like that) comes? No. We have to build our own path to freedom.

Another plus, but a weak one. It’s a chubby guard, like a snail not keeping up with events. Only towards the end does he find what he was looking for.

I will immediately point out the pluses that make this movie worth watching. There are seven of them: the direction, the cast, the fight scenes, the humor, the castle location not badly constructed, the powerful camerawork by Lorenzo Senatore. Minuses Joey King in the image of a naive, but so far ‘not collected’ princess (why no name for the unnamed beauty, because by doing so the authors designate every fifth viewer ‘princess through the GG). There will be many more such heroines in the future, wanting to get on the strong ‘male side and appropriate the right to be called independent. But that doesn’t mean that the heroine is so bad. There are bright sides to her, but they are greatly blurred beneath the nobility. And the pathos ending about finding and does not help to penetrate the heroine sympathy at all.

The minuses are obvious: the wobbly script.

Joey King’s production deserves praise, having recently begun with the sequel to the teen romance ‘Kaleidoscope Kiss’.

Impressions: comedic action movie (personally laughed at some moments myself). A girl beyond her years, a militant slayer who looks like she popped out of a Mark Millar comic strip, strikes back at stereotypes and is ready to blaze her own trail. But, most importantly, she will have to learn patience and focus.

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