The Professional Bridesmaid (2023) YIFY Torrent

The Professional Bridesmaid (2023)

2023   ( 8 Apr 2023 )
Romance / 
United States English / 84 mins
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When a Professional Bridesmaid books a high-profile wedding, she must keep her true identity a secret, not only from the wedding party but also from the handsome reporter covering the event.

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Director :
Peter Benson

Writer :

Actors :
Shyinne Anastacio | Donna Benedicto | Francesca Bianchi | Roark Critchlow

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Best Review:

I couldn’t get past the 20 minute mark! I think this was the worst lead actress that Hallmark Movies has ever cast. I remember a similar movie from the past by Hallmark that I could actually finish watching. Story, acting, and script seemed way subpar. Been there-seen this.

Been there, seen this.

Been there, seen this. Is the quality of Hallmark Movies sinking further down the quality scale? Or is it just me? I never rated a Hallmark movie lower than a 5 in the past, even when some of the acting was making me cringe!

It seems like every plot has the same characteristics, anymore. I sure miss the high quality of The Hallmark Hall of Fame movies of the past!

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