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The Runaways (2010)

2010   ( 19 Mar 2010 )
Biography / Drama / Music / 
USA English / 106 mins
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In 1975, San Fernando Valley teen Joan Larkin reinvents herself as Joan Jett, a guitarist who wants to form an all-girl punk band. She pitches the idea to a sleazy manager, Kim Fowley, who pairs her with a drummer and then searches for a face: he finds Cherie Currie, at age 15, the perfect jailbait image for his purpose; by luck, she can sing. Two others round out the band, The Runaways. Fowley books a tour, signs them to Mercury Records, and packs them off to crowds in Japan. Seeds of conflict sprout early: Fowley puts Cherie front and center in the publicity, she’s soon strung out on drugs and vodka, and jealousies arise. Without adult supervision, where can Joan and Cherie end up?

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Director :
Floria Sigismondi

Writer :

Floria Sigismondi (screenplay), Cherie Currie (book)

Actors :
Kristen Stewart| Dakota Fanning| Michael Shannon| Stella Maeve|

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