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The Tutor (2023)

2023   ( 24 Mar 2023 )
Mystery / Thriller / 
United States English / 92 mins
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Ethan is a highly sought-after tutor for the affluent families of the East Coast. He receives a lucrative job offer to teach the son of a billionaire at a remote estate located on the New York waterfront. Despite having a pregnant girlfriend, Ethan accepts the assignment, with the expectation of staying at the mansion for only a week. Upon arriving, Ethan discovers that Jackson, his new student, is fixated on his personal life. The situation quickly escalates as Jackson’s interest becomes increasingly obsessive, leaving Ethan feeling uneasy and trapped. As tensions rise, Jackson’s accusations against Ethan threaten to expose supposed dark secrets to both his girlfriend and the authorities. With the tide of public opinion turning against him, Ethan is left to defend himself and prove his innocence. He must uncover the truth behind Jackson’s accusations and clear his name before it’s too late.—Frank Liesenborgs

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Director :
Jordan Ross

Writer :

Ryan King

Actors :
Garrett Hedlund | Victoria Justice | Noah Schnapp | Kabby Borders

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Best Review:

Warning: Spoilers
While I also thoroughly enjoyed the first 45 minutes more than the rest, one reviewer missed a large piece of the story. No, the home where Ethan, the tutor, went to work with Jackson was NOT the sprawling estate Jackson grew up in. They literally show us this when Ethan discovers he’s been tutoring in a different home the entire time (because as he returned to chew Jackson out, a family just back from holiday arrived and had to idea who TF he was or why he was there. Jackson set this up with his friend…the same girl from the pics. She even winks so it’s not hard to understand.) So no, Ethan would NOT have recognized the home–as we find out he had an affair with Jackson’s mother years prior.

In any case the movie turned into dramatic Lifetime type fare which I didn’t hate, yet expected more based on the first half. The last 10 minutes were rushed and like I said, the very end was especially Lifetime-esque.

Acting was a bit hammy, but overall I was entertained enough to pass an afternoon. Recommend for those who like Lifetime/Tubi thrillers and don’t expect anything Oscar level.

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